When it comes to commercial kitchens, ducting and hoods, Bridgeman’s expertise is unrivalled. With an experienced team and a 20-year track record, you can rely on Bridgeman to get the job done right.

Experience that delivers for projects of all shapes and sizes, including:
• Domestic and commercial kitchens
• Ducting installation
• Air filtration
• Handrails and balustrades
• Benches, trolleys and basins
• General fabrication
• Bespoke architectural items
• Conveyor systems
• Restaurant, shop and apartment fitouts
• High-end residential bars and outdoor kitchens
• Tanks
• Conveyer-style steel
• Maintenance and repairs

At Bridgeman, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of custom stainless hoods, ducting and filtration systems, including:
• Cookline and fryer hoods
• Dishwasher hoods
• HEPA boxes
• Cushion heads
• Supply air
• Ducting
• Fans

With our extensive internal expertise and capability, and state-of-the-art workshop facilities, Bridgeman is a supplier of choice when it comes to integrated stainless solutions. With hundreds of custom hood and ducting projects under our belt, we know what it takes to efficiently deliver solutions that stand the test of time.

Restaurant operators, mechanical services and air conditioning companies trust Bridgeman as their stainless steel partner, providing reliable design, fabrication and installation of the highest quality solutions.

Air Filtration
From Cushion heads or HEPA boxes for ducting companies, to heavy duty filtration systems for medical and veterinary universities, hospitals and laboratories – we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to do it all. Bridgeman is well versed in providing integrated stainless solutions for a wide range of purposes, no matter the size of the venue, the project timeline or the complexity of the space. Our in-house, fully-licenced air specialist is one of only a few in the industry able to design the perfect electrostatic filtration system. This expert access sets us apart and ensures our clients receive unrivalled filtration services and solutions.

Custom Hoods
Our hood quality is unrivalled with a tried and tested method and honed workmanship.
Our tradesmen go above and beyond for every hood project, taking the extra time and effort to weld every corner to prevent oil leaks and ensure the long-term endurance and quality of every product installed.

See some of our ducting and hood projects here.