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We’re Dedicated to Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

As a Supply Nation certified Indigenous company, Bridgeman is committed to ensuring that we provide leadership, support and encouragement to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Empowering Our Communities

At Bridgeman we engage with our employees providing them with the support and experience they need to advance within our company, including senior and middle management roles.

Futures Program
One Mob Initiative
Career Transition Program
Women in Construction Pathway
Bridging the Gap with Bridgeman
Bridgeman Past Offenders Program
Bridgeman Walkabout Pathway Program

Our Futures Program focuses on training and retaining Australian apprentices and trainees for the long term. It enables Bridgeman to create and develop our future workforce. Apprentices and trainees work alongside our qualified tradespeople who assist with on-the-job training and allows them the opportunity to build new skills in a hands-on learning environment. Working with our Bridgeman experts in their trades helps develop invaluable skills and experience in a varied environment.

“It is very satisfying to see the growth of Apprentices as they go through their journey and develop further into Tradespeople and then progress into Senior roles within the company.”

Bridgeman’s very own One Mob Initiative (OMI) was developed to engage and provide positive educational and work experiences for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. OMI builds a pathway for those seeking to pursue tertiary education and employment, particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged Indigenous and we proudly support the recipients of this initiative with vocational and financial support to assist with this journey. We see the significance and draw on the skills, capability and unique life experiences that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples can bring, we want the forefront of our business to drive inclusiveness and diversity. Bridgeman also partners with companies on selected projects allowing them to share the journey and help improve the livelihood and future for Indigenous and underprivileged people.

Bridgeman created our Career Transition Program to assist former Professional Athletes, Service Men and Women and People with Disabilities who are struggling to transition into the mainstream workforce. We understand the unique challenges and hardships people face when transitioning from one career to another. The goal of the program is to build confidence and enhance skills and knowledge through practical experience, mentorship and support.

Bridgeman is dedicated to providing and creating career opportunities to boost female participation within the construction industry. Our Women in Construction Pathway Program assists women in their professional growth and ongoing success in our company where we appreciate the distinctive qualities they can bring to Bridgeman and the construction industry. The pathway has been designed to provide more opportunities for females in front-line delivery roles where the program offers Apprenticeships, Tertiary Education, and internal promotion opportunities along with trade-specific courses such as Project Management.

“Bridgeman is committed to Equal Opportunities for Women and creating pathways for women to advance within the company into leadership roles.”

This program targets Indigenous and Non-Indigenous high school students providing real-life learning opportunities for students by mentoring and supporting them through the transition from high school to work life. Bridging the Gap offers pathways post school and most importantly, provides kids with the inspiration and drive to transition from school to the real world. We assist in closing the gap of intergenerational welfare and long-term unemployment by providing support and mentoring by key people and senior members within our business to help students gain confidence, reach their full potential and achieve success in their chosen field.

“Bridgeman’s aim is to assist students where they will not feel the extreme pressure and uncertainty of leaving the comfort of a high school classroom. Bridging the Gap is our program to ensure that the future of our community maximise their potential.”

Bridgeman is committed to assisting past offenders’ rehabilitation through employment opportunities and mentoring to promote better decision making. Bridgeman’s Managing Director, Adam Sarota conducts regular mentoring sessions at Youth Detention centres across Queensland.

A recent example is our bunk bed and cell furniture project for Queensland Corrective Services which created 17 new FTE positions of which 23.5% were Indigenous, 17.6% were Past Offenders and 23.5% were newly created Apprenticeships.

Bridgeman’s Walkabout Pathway Program provides an introduction to multiple pathways across different construction trades, with a view to get kids off streets and into employment. It is also an opportunity to set an example and encourage personal development within community. The program is facilitated through TAFE QLD, and On Common Country, and is targeted towards the school year 8 to year 10 cohort.

“We provide specific strategies that help our youth stay off the streets and provide opportunities for employment.”

Developing leaders
for tomorrow