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Empowering Our Communities

We create opportunities through our progressive workplace culture and invest in our customers and community.


Future-Generation Focused

We are future generation focused and put people, diversity and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

Indigenous Procurement
Indigenous Participation In Construction Committee
Cairns Safer Streets
Black Coffee Events


Bridgeman supports Indigenous businesses through our procurement process and actively engages with other Indigenous businesses to assist with their growth and prosperity.

Managing Director, Adam Sarota, is on the Indigenous Participation In Construction Committee (IPCC). IPCC is a partnership of like-minded businesses and government professionals, dedicated to discovering and exchanging best practice efforts to increase opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the range of facets of the construction industry.

Managing Director, Adam Sarota, is an active Indigenous Ambassador for Cairns Safer Streets, an organisation which encourages young people and their families to take part in activities together.

Bridgeman attends monthly Black Coffee events supporting Indigenous companies and strengthening Indigenous Supply Chains.

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