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Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane

In June 2018, Brisbane welcomed Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury to its dining scene. The award-winning restaurant offers diners a luxurious atmosphere blending cutting-edge design with the sort of sophistication and charm that both brands have become famous for.


Premium Dining Offer

Seating 154 guests, the restaurant was the third premium dining offering by the hospitality heavyweight group, who have built a reputation for customer service and quality.


Full Custom
Commercial Bar

After working on several other projects with the group, Bridgeman were quick to step in and deliver a full custom commercial bar and kitchen design, meat display and wine display for the new restaurant.

Tight delivery timeframes and building access influenced by its location in a heritage building gave the Bridgeman team the opportunity to demonstrate just how flexible and resourceful they could be, going above and beyond to deliver their part of this premium culinary destination.

“Bridgeman work within our budget and the quality is always there. With a high pressure build like ours, it was critical that the Bridgeman project manager was on top of everything because we couldn’t afford any delays. From the initial design to the install, they were on it. It was clear that the workshop fully understood the drawings and that the hand over to the installers was thorough.” – Glen Hutchison, project manager, Treasury Brisbane

“Bridgeman has been our partner of choice for stainless solutions for a while. They’re easy to work with and understand our need for premium quality.” – John Gambaro, group director, Black Hide Restaurant

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