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Ducting and Hoods

Bluegrass BBQ

Specialising in slow cooked and smoked meats, Bluegrass BBQ at Eaton’s Hill faced unique challenges for a commercial restaurant kitchen when it came to managing grease and smoke.

The authentic American restaurant engaged the team at Bridgeman to deliver a ventilation solution that would improve the air quality and provide long-lasting cleanliness and maintenance benefits.



Custom Ventilation and
Ducting System

Required to meet strict requirements around grease, smoke and odour removal, Bluegrass BBQ briefed the experts at Bridgeman to come up with a custom ventilation and ducting system that would effectively eliminate grease and smoke, and significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance requirements.


Healthy Environment

The Bridgeman team pulled together to design and deliver an electrostatic filter with an ozone pump, that would remove used air in the kitchen and pull in fresh air to neutralise smell. Following the implementation of this equipment, the restaurant experienced a greater than 95% reduction in odour, grease and smoke – meeting all tenancy requirements and ensuring a clean, healthy environment for staff and patrons alike.

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