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Central Plaza One

Central Plaza One is a 44-floor, 174m tall skyscraper in Brisbane’s CBD. Despite facing unique manufacturing challenges, Bridgeman was able to deliver a custom solution and outstanding result for this project, utilising a diverse mix of materials and overcoming challenging time restraints.


Custom Manufactured
Stainless Steel

The Bridgeman team was engaged to custom manufacture stainless steel benches, copper racks, brass installations, as well as mild steel powder-coated balustrading for this project.

The diverse material mix and architectural vision for the project presented some unique manufacturing challenges to overcome. This included a hanging copper rack over the bar that was designed and manufactured in record time, a mere few weeks before project completion. This was made possible by the Bridgeman team’s ability to adapt the design with laser cutting and waterjet cutting to meet the deadline.


Optimised Finished & Aesthetic
Space Achieved

At the outset, the Bridgeman team undertook an intensive sampling phase to ensure the profiles, scalloping and soldering were accurate. The team became heavily involved in the design work on this project, as the architectural drawings showed the design intent but did not take into account manufacturing limitations.

The Bridgeman project manager and design team worked closely with project architects to optimise the finishing and deliver an aesthetic and functional space for the building. Despite the challenges, Bridgeman was able to offer manufacturing solutions to achieve the original architectural concepts and meet tight turnaround time frames to ensure timely project completion.

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