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QUT Medical, Engineering and Research Facility

QUT’s Medical, Engineering and Research Facility (MERF) in Brisbane has worked with Bridgeman, its stainless supplier of choice, for years. As a long-term partner, Bridgeman supplies the cutting-edge facility with a broad range of durable, high quality stainless equipment and continues to deliver custom solutions as the facility grows and expands.


Rapidly Expanding Facility

QUT MERF engaged Bridgeman in 2019 to deliver 16 new mobile trolleys for its rapidly expanding facility. These were to be custom-designed, 4-tray mobile cadaver trolleys that would provide easy storage and mobility.


Unrivalled Stainless Solutions

Being familiar with the facility’s equipment requirements enabled Bridgeman to quickly and seamlessly deliver a new round of custom-built trolleys for QUT. Offering consistent service, durable products, regular communication and a competitive price, Bridgeman continues to provide QUT with unrivalled stainless solutions for both immediate and long-term needs.

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