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Southport Yacht Club – Steel Construction Australia

Southport Yacht Club is known worldwide for its exceptional sailing and powerboat fraternities, award-winning boating facilities and its exclusive waterfront dining and entertainment. In 2019 the club engaged Steel Construct Australia to continue its considerable renovation project by delivering a new deck, outdoor bar and sunshade for the Western playground and outdoor dining area. When the company’s usual stainless supplier wasn’t available, Steel Construct sought out the team at Bridgeman to provide a quick, economical and well-designed solution.


Fabricated Stainless Steel

With workshop drawings provided by Steel Construct, the team at Bridgeman fabricated stainless steel columns, curved rafters, struts and hangers that would hold waterproof shade sails above the club’s existing playground. The brief was simple – the stainless steel frame work had to match the area’s existing structures as much as possible and fit in seamlessly with the architectural aesthetic.


Bridgeman’s efficiencies in stainless steel procurement and fabrication, and the team’s commitment to the job meant the club’s new stainless steel was completed ready for delivery within four weeks. The project team was deemed professional, the stainless solution seamless and the job economical.
– Simon Newitt, Managing Director – Steel Construct Australia

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