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Mild Steel

St Benedict's College, Mango Hill

Bridgeman was engaged to partner with a construction company in 2018 to tackle a challenge that was deemed close to impossible. St Benedict’s College in Mango Hill needed a quick turnaround project – and the team at Bridgeman was relied on to bring the school’s vision to life.


School’s Refurbishment Project

The school’s refurbishment project needed to be completed by the end of the Christmas school holidays in time for students to commence the new year. Due to major construction delays with monsoonal rain in December, Bridgeman was required to pull out all stops to complete mild steel works in record time to ensure the inflexible project timelines were met.


Leaving No
Stone Unturned

The Bridgeman team was able to prioritise labour in the factory to expedite production, fast-track the galvanising and run multiple crews of installers to speed up delivery to ensure it was all completed on time. The team went above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the school could rest easy knowing its facilities would be ready in time for the new school year.

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