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Stockland Newport – Eureka Landscapes

Eureka Landscapes is one of the largest landscape contractors in south east Queensland. Working with brands like Stockland, Mirvac, Lendlease, Villa World, Avid and more, the business delivers playgrounds, parks and sports fields for a wide range of commercial and residential developments. In 2018, Eureka chose Bridgeman to supply a stainless solution for a new parkland project that would deliver modern outdoor recreation facilities for local residents.


Exclusive Waterfront
Residential Development

Located on the Redcliffe Peninsula, the Stockland Newport community is an exclusive waterfront residential development offering a sought-after waterside lifestyle. Synonymous with luxury, Newport features residences of stunning architectural quality in a premier position. To align with this image, Eureka Landscapes required a sophisticated stainless solution for the community’s new park and engaged Bridgeman to do the job.

Bridgeman worked hand in hand with the Eureka team between December 2018 and May 2019 to support the build of the new park for Stockland’s Newport development. This included the design and installation of a series of curved balustrades around the waterfront.


Stainless Steel Balustrades

In planning the stainless steel balustrades for the park, Eureka needed a supplier with industry accreditation who could deliver a product with a top standard finish, long-term durability and high aesthetic quality. Requirements which Bridgeman delivered on.

Highly visible and heavily used, the standard of stainless used for the park’s construction was critical to the project’s success. In addition to delivering on our quality promise, Bridgeman also ensured the project timeframes were met and the end result was well received by partners, Stockland and the community.

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