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Surgical Biofix

Surgical Biofix is a leading edge biotech start-up, in the business of processing donated human tissue into products used for medical transplants to improve patient outcomes.


Fully Sterilized Clean Room

Given the nature of the work conducted, it is crucial for Surgical Biofix to have a fully sterilized clean room, so finding the right stainless partner to work with was very important.


Custom Made
Stainless Solutions

Surgical Biofix Chairman, John Caris, says “Bridgeman came very highly recommended and have lived up to expectations.”

“We’ve found the guys at Bridgeman to be really easy to work with. The designs are good, the quotes are turned around quickly and we’ve been pleased with the quality”.

Surgical Biofix is in the final stages of setting up their laboratory and internal systems before launching publicly and Bridgeman has played a key role in this. Mr Caris said Bridgman have supplied various custom made stainless solutions for the laboratory such as custom designed shelving, trolleys, benches, tables and seats. Bridgeman are now designing and making various stainless products as Surgical Biofix grows their operation.

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