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TE PNG – Ok Tedi Mining Limited

Bridgeman partnered with Papua New Guinea company TE PNG to deliver a new commercial kitchen for a client’s remote mine camp. With considerable logistical feats to overcome, tough installation conditions and an international briefing process, TE PNG chose Bridgeman to deliver a start to finish stainless solution and get the job done right.


Large Commercial Kitchen

In 2019, the Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) Tabubil mine camp required a large commercial kitchen that would feed thousands of people a day. The project managers at TE PNG engaged Bridgeman to provide a custom solution for the design, manufacture and delivery of the 9-metre-long stainless kitchen based on architectural drawings – from rangehoods and vents, through to fans and extraction parts. While precision was required in the design and manufacture, it was the logistical feat of delivery which made this project so unique and challenging. Once manufactured the stainless products had to be carefully packed into 4 x 40ft containers and trucked from Bridgeman’s yard in Brisbane to a ship headed to Port Moresby. It was then transferred to another ship and out to a barge which travelled 1,050km up the Fly River to a small town called Kinunga. Then finally, the stainless was transferred onto semi trucks and up to the Tabubil mine site.


Long-haul Transportation

With long-haul transportation across land and sea, a team of more than 50 to complete the install and six months from planning to fitout, the OTML project was a prime example of the highly-skilled, front-to-back custom stainless solution Bridgeman is known for. By offering a fully-integrated, flexible, one-stop-shop approach and truly customised fabrication service, Bridgeman was able to work seamlessly with TE PNG to deliver the entire commercial kitchen suite. With so many moving parts, internal stakeholders and complicated logistics, the Bridgeman team was the only team trusted to make it all work.

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