Choosing the right steel for your project is paramount.
Each steel product has its own unique properties, cost considerations, strength, durability and aesthetic.
Mild steel is a sub-category of steel that is low in carbon and primarily made up of iron. It is a popular choice for many, due to its affordability and pliable nature when compared to its higher carbon and stainless counterparts.

Mild steel is commonly used in industries like mining, quarrying, earthmoving and construction; and can often be found in railway lines, vehicles, home cookware, ships, metal piping and more.

With less alloying elements like chromium or nickel, mild steel is known to be easier to weld with and shape. It’s also available at a lower price point than stainless steel – making it a good option for projects where cost-effective solutions are required, or the surface of the steel won’t be seen directly.
There are some considerations when it comes to using mild steel. Generally, mild steel has less workable strength, nor will it strengthen through heating and quenching. The lack of alloying metals that can be found in stainless steel also means that mild steel is magnetic and can be more likely to rust (oxidise) if not coated properly. Wherever possible, avoid using mild steel in corrosive environments.

Mild steel is an optimal choice when:
• The steel surface isn’t going to be visible in the finished product (for example, when it will be painted over)
• Large volumes of metal are required, where stainless isn’t cost-effective
• Internal structural pieces are required that aren’t visible or won’t impact the visual appeal of the project
• Bending or welding the metal is required.

Mild steel offering:
At Bridgeman, we specialise in engineered, general purpose and non-structural general mild steel solutions that meet the needs of our customers. With our extensive internal trade capability and capacity, and a new, state-of-the-art mild steel workshop facility, we can efficiently handle large-scale projects or one-off jobs – delivering whatever is required within a timeframe that matters.

Engineers and builders trust Bridgeman as their mild steel partner, providing reliable mild steel fabrication of the highest quality and streamlined service – no matter how challenging the brief. All of our non-structural metal work including handrails and balustrades are built to the Queensland Government Building Code Form 16. Bridgeman can also provide a Form 15 for anything custom engineered.

If you’re considering using mild steel or aluminium for your next project, call the experts at Bridgeman and we can work with you to scope and cost the project to your needs.

Other mild steel projects we’ve worked on:
• Screens
• Gates
• Tanks
• Boxes
• Furniture
• Handrails and balustrades
• Ladders.

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